For Our Remote Job Seekers

Our recent pandemic has led to many companies going remote. These jobs range from entry level to high skilled positions. Are you a job seeker interested in discovering some of today’s highest paid remote jobs? We’ve listed remote full-time positions and contract work posted on our Work the North job board offering $150,000/year or more. The estimate for remote contract work is based on the hourly rate provided in the job postings and converted to a salary for 40 hours a week for 52 weeks.

Associate Director of Leadership and Organizational Development (est. $302,806)

This remote job is listed as a temporary W2 assignment position at $145.58 per hour! An Associate Director of Leadership and Organizational Development is responsible for helping evolve a company’s leadership culture and be the company’s change advocate. They partner with other leaders in the organization to provide consultative expertise on leadership development, organizational design, team and strategy development. 

Senior Director Clinical Projects (est. $266,240 – 370,240)

On average, Senior Directors for Clinical Project positions are generally paid $128 – 178 per hour whether temporary or full-time. As a director, they serve as the clinical leader and medically monitor all of the company’s clinical studies. A few of their main duties include supporting any assigned drug development projects (planning to implementation) of global clinical research and development programs across all phases. 

Principal Full Stack IOS Developer (est. $250,000)

Principal Full Stack IOS Developers get paid up to $250,000 a year depending on prior experience! This is no surprise as there are plenty of requirements and technical expertise required for the position. Their main responsibilities include design, architecture and hands-on app coding, developing and using third-party SDKs, and implementing IOS interfaces using best practices. 

Associate Medical Director – Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon (est. $245,000)

The full-time salary for a remote job in this role is up to $245,000 a year. Associate Medical Directors provide medical review for requests to evaluate medical necessity of services, review or delegate appeals for denied services, engage in peer-to-peer discussions with physicians, maintain and document clinical review sessions and appeals.

Sr. Salesforce Architect (est. $220,000)

Senior Salesforce Architects earn up to $220,000 a year with experience (ex. Architect, Salesforce or Service Cloud). Generally, they serve as technical leads for the SFDC platform, ensuring the solutions and strategies are aligned with the company’s goals. They are the advisors to a business’ leadership team and provide SFDC technical guidance to the technology teams.  

Sr. Systems Engineer – Performance Tuning Specialist (est. $200,000 – 250,000)

Senior Systems Engineers can make between $200,000 – 250,000 a year, provided they have expertise in ZFS, DTrace, Solaris, Kernel, Storage Migration, and/or C – programming suites. They operate as senior performance engineers responsible for evaluating and correcting existing components for large-scaled enterprises, designing custom client training schedules, and make assessments with Kernel code.

Digital Marketing E-Commerce Director (est. $200,000)

Experienced digital marketers with outside of the box creativity can make up to $200,000 per year. Digital Marketing E-commerce Directors are responsible for managing the marketing team, overseeing multiple accounts and spending on online platforms (ex. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.). They also collaborate with web developers for website maintenance and other marketing teams within an organization – creative, content and product marketing.

Computer Vision Engineer (est. $180,000 – 200,000)

Professionals working as computer vision engineers earn between $180,000 – 200,000 a year. Generally, they are tasked to automate various functions that the human visual system is able to do. Some daily responsibilities involve creating and architecting multi-component computer vision based intelligent systems, developing work plans, prototyping systems, running performance tests using real world data, and collaborating with platform engineers for production level implementation.

Senior Planview Enterprise One System Owner (est. $166,400 – 232,960)

This remote job was listed as a 6-month W2 contract work for $80 – 112 per hour. A Senior Planview System Owner would be responsible for platform management and ensuring that any technical solutions developed are in accordance with the company’s needs. On a regular day, they work on configuring and modifying Planview PPM solutions, work closely with the Project Management team to understand needs, and provide input on the best practices in using Planview system.

Cyber Security Applications Engineer (est. $166,400 – 228,800)

This job was listed as a long-term contract assignment (W2 or C2C) for $80 – 110 per hour. Cyber Security Applications Engineers are responsible for analyzing the business needs for security regarding enterprise projects and working alongside other teams in the organization (Technology, Enterprise Architecture etc.) to develop and verify implementation of risk-appropriate and achievable cyber risk guidance. 

Technical Lead (est. $162,240 – 170,560)

This opportunity was listed as a 6-month contract assignment (W2) for $78 – 82 an hour. Technical Leads are responsible for handling the development, testing and implementation of systems. They team up with upper management to create project plans, proposals, evaluate the work of other engineers to ensure it satisfies system and quality requirements, and execute software development engineering practices.

SAP Hybris Developer (est. $160,000)

Experienced SAP Hybris professionals can earn $160,000 a year. They are hired to collaborate with the executives to create, update, and maintain technical documentation, develop high-quality code for services and applications using SAP Hybris and other tools, as well as architect, maintain and program the SAP platform.

.NET C# Developer (est. $156,000 – 174, 720)

This role was listed as a W2 assignment contract work for $75 – 84.24 per hour for professionals with 7+ years of front end and back end full stack experience. .NET C# Developers take on the tasks of performing application design, development and deployment following industry standards, monitoring application performance, resolving any technical defects, reviewing code and taking any re-visionary actions.

Vice President – Payer Solutions Sales (est. $150,000 + 50% bonus opportunity)

A full-time VP for Payer Solutions of Sales can earn $ 150,000 a year plus a 50% bonus opportunity. They are responsible for managing sales and clients of the company’s suite of payer solutions working under the VP of Business Development. The main goal of a VP for Payer Solutions Sales is to grow the client base by moving prospects in the sales funnel to be clients and customer advocates.

Senior Director of Product Design and UX (est. $150,000 – 200,000)

Senior Directors of Product Design and UX earn roughly $150,000 – 200,000 per year. This hands-on role is dedicated to building world-class web and mobile application experience through extraordinary visuals and human-centered approach to UX. They often work closely with designers, developers and UX experts to engineer projects.

Actuarial Department, Director of Medical Economics (est. $150,000 – 180,000)

Professionals with actuarial experience can earn between $150,000 – 180,000 per year as the Director of Medical Economics for an Actuarial Department. Usually, they spend twenty to thirty percent of their time traveling periodically to various markets leading and managing projects with the help of tools like Excel, SAS and SQL.

High Power Laser Designer (est. $ 150,000 – 200,000)

High Power Laser Designers can earn anywhere in between $150,000 – 200,000 a year. A few of their main responsibilities include creating and constructing epi structures of high-powered and high-performing lasers, analyzing data on performance and team up with internal and external engineers for product development and improvements. 

Senior Data Scientist (Healthcare/Claims Data) (est. $ 150,000 – 200,000)

Those with 3 to 7 years of experience as a data scientist using Python and Machine learning tools can generate between $150,000 – 200,000 a year as a Senior Data Scientist in the Healthcare and Claims sector. They are tasked to analyze healthcare data, develop insights and provide proactive recommendations. In addition, they are responsible for building success metrics, experiments and models for business optimization. 

Sr. Python Developer (est. $150,000 – 200,000)

If you have over 10 years of experience in Python plus other similar programs (Django, Flask etc.), you may be able to work as a Senior Python Developer for $150,000 – 200,000 a year. Senior Python Developers are responsible for being the technical leaders of junior developers, planning, mentoring and deploying python services, solving complicated program challenges, building automated tools and workflows related to code deployment and testing.

Senior Salesforce Developer (est. $150,000)

Full-time Senior Salesforce Developers can earn up to $150,000 with background and experience. The role is focused on performing configurations and administrative work, teaming up with other developers, business analysts and project managers to deliver project time-frame estimates and build custom applications.

Sr. Data Engineer (est. $140,000 – 185,000)

Senior Data Engineers are estimated to annually earn between $140,000 – 185,000 with over 3 years previous experience as a data engineer, handled data modeling/warehousing, or with a software engineering background. Their role is focused on the creation and maintenance of optimal data pipelines and processing frameworks of an organization.

System Architect (est. $140,000 – 175,000)

Seasoned System Architects can make $140,000 – 175,000 annually with a background in computer science and a decade of experience as a system architect. They are responsible for an organization’s end-to-end integration systems (from its concept to maintenance), offer their expertise and guidance to other IT personnel, research new technologies to invest in, and consult with department leads to develop an organization’s infrastructure.

Senior Backend Engineer (est. $140,000 – 170,000)

Senior Backend Engineers with at least 3 years of backend or full stack development experience can make  $140,000 – 170,000 each year. They are able to work with the latest technologies, hired to develop a company’s back-end services to perform small and large-scale data processing abilities.

Product Marketing Manager (est. $135,000 – 156,000)

Product Marketing Managers earn between the range of $135,000 – 156,000 a year with a rate of $65 – 75 per hour. Project Managers work on product positioning and delivering actionable customer insights. Their regular days consist of consumer and competitive research and collaborating with product and go-to market partners.

TS/SCI Python+Django Engineer (est. $130,000 – 175,000)

TS/SCI Python+Django Engineers are estimated to make $130,000 – 175,000 per year. Being a remote job, they are responsible for establishing and understanding customer FMI processes, coming up with solutions for data utilization through machine learning and artificial intelligence and lead the organization’s system development life cycle.