Find out why a remote job can make you happy and healthy! From increasing productivity to avoiding commuting to work life balance to going location independent.

Have you ever dreamed of working remotely?

Would you like to trade your commute and gossipy cowokers for more freedom, more productivity, and a better sense of achievement?

You’re not alone here.

In a recent survey, 74% employees showed interest in switching to remote job even if they are offered the same salary. But here are some high paying remote jobs.

Remote working isn’t for everyone, but it could be for you.

Increase Your Productivity

Picture this: you’re at home, sitting in a comfortable chair at your desk, and taking a sip from your favorite coffee mug. In your home office you can create your dream workspace and you can start taking the steps for the life you truly deserve and want.

53% of U.S. employees are dissatisfied with their employment, so it’s very normal to feel detached from the day-to-day work. Imagine the effect this detachment has on efficiency and overall results.

The goal of every job seeker is to find a job that is always satisfactory, whether it adds value to your career, or the money is better, or the company treats you right. But you should always aim at choosing what kind of work you want to do, because it really makes a big difference!

Avoid the Commute with a Remote Job

Did you know that the average office worker sits around 7 to 9 hours a day? According to the research, daily commuting to work decreases your physical activity level, affects your cardiorespiratory fitness and increases your blood pressure.

Avoid the stressful daily commute and use this time to get more sleep, work out or meditate at home. So, start your day on the right foot – whatever that means for you.

Work Life Balance

Reality check! you can never get back the time you could have spent with your loved ones that you spent commuting to the office.

Working from home gives you plenty of chances to spend quality time socializing and being with the people who matter to you. A U.S. study has shown that 87% of remote employees have experienced a positive impact on social life since moving to working from home.

Go Location Independent

Imagine living in a place you love while you are working for your dream company. That’s possible! You can work your dream job without having to leave your home.

That means you can choose the environment in which you want to work, which helps you optimize how you work. You can choose a comfortable and stress-free spot. Beach, mountains, life on the town? It is yours if you want it.

Be Healthy, Physically and Mentally

Working from home has its own health benefits. You don’t have to rush out to leave at the certain time, no more traffic hassles or the stress of missing a train.

All that means you have more time for yourself in the morning as it’s not wasted on a commute. I use my morning time to meditate and go for a walk if the weather permits. This helps me start my day with a positive attitude. Extra exercise or meditation for 15 to 20 minutes a day may also have major health benefits, and those who work remotely know how to find the time to get out.