Required Skills & Qualifications:

  • Experience Selling IT Solutions by Phone-to-Business – Our customers are SMB owners. They fall into one of three categories: 1) retailers/e-tailers, 2) distributors/wholesalers or 3) light manufacturers or some combination of those three. It is ideal, but not required, that this Inside Sales Leader have sold software or IT products/services to this customer set before. At the very minimum, however, this person needs to have been in an Inside Sales role before, selling some IT products/services to businesses of some variety. This is B2B telesales, and, you need to have a successful track record of doing that.
  • We Help Warm Prospects Buy – An Inside Sales Executive at Agiliron starts every outbound call from their CRM and with warm prospects, all of whom have sought us out, most of whom have an idea of their issues/problems, some have ideas of their requirements and most of them have already signed up for a free trial. We never do cold outbound calls, not because they are hard, but because they are very inefficient. We offer our prospects a large range of DIY learning mechanisms (e.g. demos, video tutorials, User Guides, webinars, collateral, etc.) which many of them do utilize. However, we always have some educating to do and of course “leading them to water”. Prospects are on a due diligence journey and theirs is a “considered decision”. So, prospects buy, more than we sell. In a SaaS business, developing and maintaining long-term satisfied customers is how we make money.
  • Start-up & Tech-Savvy – We are seeking an experienced Inside Sales Executive who has previously worked in start-ups or early-stage businesses. Our product is a SaaS platform and most of our work tools are SaaS (e.g. CRM, Webmail, Google Drive, Marketing Automation Tool, etc., etc.). So being facile with the critical software tools you would use is a must. Net, net you must be technically savvy and self-sufficient.
  • Work-from-Home – This person needs to work effectively from their “home office” in your home. Yes, there’s no commute but working virtually requires maturity and self-discipline and you may also work longer hours. The ideal candidate will have worked like this in some previous job and thereby knows and can substantiate that you operate effectively in this circumstance and for some people, it is ideal.