Location Is a Mandatory Field 

Not all remote jobs are created equal and alike. Some remote jobs would better be described as flexible: part in office and part at home. Others are remote but require occasional visits to the office. Still others are fully remote, but the employer must limit its candidate pool to a specific geographical location.  For example, they may only be able to payroll US citizens.

That’s why location is a mandatory field on Work the North. When preparing a job post, you should select either the location the worker is most likely to work from (Canada) or the location they might need to report to (where your office is located). This helps the candidate understand if your open position is a fit for them. 

For example, if they’re looking for a purely remote job they can perform from Winnipeg, they might be leery of applying to a flexible job in Kingston. Both job seeker and recruiter save time and don’t get their hopes up for an impossible fit. 

So, How Should I Describe My Remote Job? 

A good rule of thumb to attract work from home candidates is to include the word “remote” in the job title and in the body of your job post. Then, at the end of your post, add some detail about just what remote work means in your organization. If remote is just an option for a normally in office role, you might want to call the job flexible. If you expect them to travel to job sites, you should make that clear as well. 

You should also any include any filters you’ll be applying to the candidate pool. For example, if you’re only open to contractors, make that clear. If you can only payroll employees located in a specific country or province, state that upfront. While a big pile of resumes can feel good (so many interested candidates!), if it’s full of unqualified applicants, it’s a burden, not an asset.