The Hottest Industries for Remote Jobs

Today, there are more remote jobs than ever before, as employers around the world have started to realize the benefits of hiring remote workers. 85% of global organizations affirmed that location flexibility increases productivity. On the other hand, 13% of remote workers report being more productive. They also tend to take fewer breaks and days off, with few of them using their full vacation allotment.

Over the last decade, remote work has grown rapidly, with more industries are offering remote work, including some where you wouldn’t expect it to be popular. But not all industries can offer remote work, and all opportunities to work from home are not created equally. Throughout the last year, we have gathered some interesting insights into the remote employment market and the kinds of organizations that are hiring for remote work.

Remote employment in the IT industry keeps growing. It offers the most remote-friendly employment opportunities, with marketing as a close second. Jobs in both these fields are in as high demand from candidates as they are from companies.

Hottest industries for remote jobs

Information Technology

The computer and information technology industry hires workers to design, develop, manage or support computer-based information systems, with the largest growth in programming applications and hardware. IT workers help guarantee that computers function properly. The employment growth in the industry is centered around jobs focused on distributed computing, data security and information collection.


Marketing refers to exercises undertaken by an organization to promote the purchase of services or a product. Some of the marketing functions include promoting, selling, and delivering your product or services. The most in demand marketing jobs are technical and creative, and include web developers, marketing analytics, UX designers and graphic designers.

Business Management & Administration

The administration of a business incorporates the performance or management of business tasks and basic leadership, just as the productive association of individuals and different assets, to coordinate activities towards shared objectives and targets. The most in demand management and administration jobs include business development manager, human resources manager, project manager, account managers and administrative assistants with accounting skills.

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is the process of making programming applications that run on a mobile phone, and a common mobile app uses a system connection to work with remote resources.

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